for your pet

The Dolphin Bay Resort welcomes your family friend to travel with you and live the life of luxury. Pets are not only welcomed but spoiled at our luxurious Pismo Beach resort! Your little ones will enjoy lounging in their own bed with water bowls and special treats.

Important pet policy information is listed below for your reference:

*Pets must be on a leash at all times while in the common areas of the resort.
*In order to receive housekeeping services, pet owners must be present or the dog removed from the suite, at the time of cleaning.
*Owners are responsible for any disturbance to other guests, caused by their pet.
*Pets are not allowed in the following areas of the resort:
The Spa at Dolphin Bay
Gated swimming pool & whirlpool area
Lido at Dolphin Bay - An exception is made on the poolside patio.
Only Certified Guide Dogs are allowed in the Restaurant.

Pet Charges:
A $65 per night, pet cleaning fee will be added to your account.
If there should be any damage to the property caused by the pet, the cost of repair will be the owner's responsibility.
Any compensation that is made to other guests due to a disturbance caused by the pet will be an additional charge.


The owner hereby represents to Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa that their pet is not inclined to bite or harm others. In the event that their pet should bite or harm another guest on property, the owner agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Dolphin Bay Resort from any liability relating to such injuries.

Pet Suites must be booked directly by calling Dolphin Bay at 805.773.4300

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